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Wildflower Home Foundation Chiang Mai

Wildflower Home

Chicken Coop Construction

The Wildflower Home Foundation wishes to thank you most sincerely for the funds granted for this project and to inform you of the successful construction and the ongoing benefits being received by the Wildflower Home in terms of sustainability and income generation.

Psychology Class; Vision Board

The last few months our women have been exploring psychology topics, and group counseling together. Wildflower offers a group twice a week. Recently we have explored fears & anxiety, dealing with stress, future goals and healthy relationships. By using a group setting, our women can feel less alone in the…

Thanks to SOS Food Rescue Program

Anna Neya News 07/01/2023

February 24, 2022, The Wildflower Home Center has received support from SOS Food Rescue Program – Scholars of Sustenance Foundation Thailand. Thank you very much! This is the 4th time the Wildflower Foundation receiving food support from the SOS.

Colorful renovation of the daycare center

If you’ve ever been to the Wildflower Home Foundation, you probably remember the colorful fence of the daycare center filled with exotic translations of the word wildflower. However, coming out of the covid pandemic, the daycare center looked greyer than ever and was missing some basic amenities to make it…

Professional Qualification Courses for the staff team

Anna Neya News 02/03/2022

Last Sunday, February 27, the Professional Qualification training focused on financial policy and development took place at the Wildflower Home Foundation. Quality education is essential not only in empowering communities but also in ensuring the effectiveness of services provided by charity organizations. Staff training courses allows implementing best strategies and…