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Psychology Class; Vision Board


The last few months our women have been exploring psychology topics, and group counseling together. Wildflower offers a group twice a week. Recently we have explored fears & anxiety, dealing with stress, future goals and healthy relationships. By using a group setting, our women can feel less alone in the challenges and can learn from each other.

Through drawing and written reflection, our women share personal experiences and feelings on our weekly topics.

The new year offers a fresh start for many people, our women learned about setting future  goals then created dream boards for 2023. Giving the women an opportunity to share their future goals with each other and give ideas to each other.

Through bi-weekly meetings the women have a chance for the women to voice concerns, and can advocate for their needs and the needs of their children.

By allowing a time and a place to have conversations about mental health helps remove the barrier of stigma, which is still very taboo in Thailand. The women feel safe and comfortable around each other allowing for strong reflections and conversations.