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Chicken Coop Construction


The Wildflower Home Foundation wishes to thank you most sincerely for the funds granted for this project and to inform you of the successful construction and the ongoing benefits being received by the Wildflower Home in terms of sustainability and income generation.

The renovations to the former pig houses have been completed to a satisfactory standard and now provide coops for 150 chickens. These chickens currently produce up to 100 eggs per day; some of these are retained within the centre to supplement the diet of the women and children but the majority is sold within the local area at a very competitive price.

The women within the centre have been taught the skills of raising chickens and organic gardening and the economics of pricing and finding customers in the local area. These are transferable skills which can be used by the women when they move on from the Wildflower Home to living independently within the wider community.

Written by Elisabeth