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Colorful renovation of the daycare center


If you’ve ever been to the Wildflower Home Foundation, you probably remember the colorful fence of the daycare center filled with exotic translations of the word wildflower. However, coming out of the covid pandemic, the daycare center looked greyer than ever and was missing some basic amenities to make it a welcoming place for the children and their mothers. 

That’s why we decided to make some renovations, adding some (artificial) grass to make the playground safe and comfortable, repainting the fence and maintaining the playground equipment. 

For the paint job, we could rely on the support from our Friends From Asia volunteers (Alba, Magali, Amelie, and Nour). Armed with sanding paper, a brush, and a pallet of mixed colors, they started working the fence and the equipment. It took less than a week to get to reinstitute the daycare center in all of its glory. 

While the equipment was removed from the playground for maintenance and painting. The women leveled the saint to make it ready for the new grass, which was placed over the weekend. 

As a finishing touch, the women and the children were invited to immortalize their handprints with paint. 

Today, the benefits of the renovation are clear. The daycare is, again, a safe space to play for the older children, a comfortable place for the younger children to take their nap, and most of all, a beautiful, inviting place for everybody involved in the project.