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Wildflower Home Innovates: a New Hydroponic Farm


We grow most of the food that we consume organically in our own little garden. Furthermore, the farm plays an essential role in educating women about living independently and financial stability. Every Sunday, the women are encouraged to sell part of the food at the night market to the local community. 

To increase food production and generate more income, we need to be creative with the space we have left and increase the yield of the space already in use. Furthermore, we need to renovate the roof of the existing greenhouse.

Therefore some of the women, the staff, and Sarah (a volunteer from Belgium), planned some significant upgrades to the farm:

  1. A hydroponic greenhouse on one of our roofs that before this project hadn’t served any function other than protecting what’s beneath from the rain. The creation of extra farming space can be used as an extra food source. Also, these farms use a meager amount of soil and can be installed almost anywhere. 
  2. A soil-based table greenhouse, next to our other greenhouses so that we can compare the production outcomes and labor efficiency and teach the benefits of this innovative system.

Furthermore, hydroponic gardens have many other advantages, including efficient use of water, faster maturation of plants, fewer diseases, and less labor intensive. Besides, they are considered the more sustainable option since they are suitable for organic farming practices and are water efficient. 

We look forward to putting to use these innovative greenhouses and teaching the mothers, who can take advantage of all the pre-described benefits compared to traditional farming techniques so that once they are ready to start on their own (outside the Wildflower Home foundation), these lessons will form a competitive advantage.